Comprehensive care
for your loved one,
in a place that feels like home.

Short-Term Rehabilitation

Take advantage of our rehabilitation and therapy services and rest assured you are in competent hands. We create an individualized full-service therapy regime carried out by professionals with up-to-date equipment, so you heal and regain your independence.

Long-Term Care

Complex medical needs can make living at home difficult and unsafe. Move into Chesterton manor and enjoy peace of mind, knowing every need is attended to with dignity and respect. We create customized care plans for each resident and provide round-the-clock care, so all you need to worry about is your loved ones popping in to visit.

Psychiatric Services

Onsite treatment in collaboration with 360care helps reduce the stress and cost of transporting residents to offsite offices for procedures, prevents serious Issues by providing preventative treatment and addressing issues early to avoid more serious issues.

PGx Testing

Using the results from PGx testing, health care providers can individualize drug therapy selection and dosages for patients-based on their genetic makeup. Testing patients prior to beginning treatment may help determine their response to certain drug classes and help avoid drugs that may be ineffective or cause harmful side effects. For patients currently on treatment, it may identify new treatment options or identify why current treatments aren’t working.

PGx Testing GeneID Flyer

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Hospice / Palliative Care

Advanced illnesses can make you feel scared and alone. At Chesterton you will receive care of the highest quality, in a respectful and dignified manner. We provide all-inclusive support for the patient and family during these difficult times.

Respite Care Care

When caring for a loved one becomes overwhelming, take a short break with our respite care service. Recharge while knowing they are receiving premier care and their individual needs are met. Our respite break residents can take advantage of all the benefits available to our residents, such as the beauty shop, access to the activity rooms, and the ability to join any ongoing programs.

Wound Care

We have established a partnership with Healing Partners to provide specialized on-site wound care services. Our goal is a zero-injury clinical outcome. We share this goal with the entire team – from Healing Partners’ on-site Nurse Practitioner to unit managers to nursing assistants – because it takes a unified team, working together to protect patients’ skin, to prevent pressure-related injuries before a wound begins to develop.

A senior man and a caregiver holding hands